Your Journey Into The CSS (Casilio Sprinkler System)


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Current state of the backyard


Left side of the house in the back


Pre sprinkler system, front yard


Another pre picture, right side of the front


There are 4 flags in this picture, can you find them all?


Left side of the back, its on its own zone: 5 Flags here


Another shot of the backyard


The flower beds are on their own zone, can you find 3 flags in this pic?


Front yard, once the sprinkler system is in, I can resod that patch by the curb


Front side of the driveway after flagging


Here'ss a picture of the backyard around noon time


Another picture around noon time, it started to pour right around this time


The back after everything is replaced


Another picture of the back after everything is replaced


Right side of the backyard after installation


One of the sprayers in the flower bed


The front after it being replaced


Here's a picture of the controller unit


These valves are all over, the grass will eventually cover them


Here's one of the heads


What a mess, it rained most of the afternoon


Here's of picture of the sprinkler system in action, I had just finished re-sodding
this area today, that's why its so clean.


The front of the house getting watered


Our Installer:

Hogan Irrigation, Inc.
12908 Schleicher Trail
Austin, TX  78732
512-261-5556 / Fax: 261-5557