Rug Cleaning

Work Done on 2/28/04

La Machina: The Hoover SteamVac Dual V Widepath with Auto-Rinse


First Victim: The room with all the furniture


Living Room furniture, no more


Wondering where all the furniture went?


The rest of the furniture is here


Before: Pic of the high traffic area, the path from the kitchen to living room


Before: Another pic of the high traffic area, the crease at the edge of the couch and coffee table


Before: Stain #1 Before Cleaning, I didn't even know this stain existed before I moved the plant. Its from
when I over watered the plant with miracle grow.  I guess miracle and rugs don't get along.
Yes, we did have vacuum all that stuff before we cleaned the rugs.


Cleaning in progress


Another cleaning pic


Its amazing how much dirt is on rugs.
I had them cleaned once last year professionally.  It took about 4 changes of the water to finish the entire room.
Each time the water was as dirty as this or worse.


All Done (still wet)


Another shot of the finished (still wet) room


After: Here's the path from the kitchen to the living room.  Its much improved


After: The crease at the bottom of the couch was very matted, it looks tons better


After: The stain isn't completely gone, although it is alot better.
I didn't expect it to come out, it's probably been there since last year.


The almost dried room, about 2 hours after cleaning.


Everything is back in the room now


Final Comments:  I would definitely recommend one of these machines to anyone who asks.
The results were very good, and you have the flexibility to clean the rugs at your leisure.
True, you could probably get an even cleaner rug if you hired professionals who have
high powered equipment.  But, that's anywhere from $100-$200 per time.
With this you can do it as often as you like.  And you don't have to move all the furniture in your
house in one day to accommodate someone coming in and cleaning it in one shot. You will have to spend
some each time on carpet cleaner, but you can buy it by the gallon.