This is becoming my general home improvement documentation webpage, instead of just the repainting webpage.

Riddle Me This


The previous owners of our house are:

A)  People with a very flat personality

B) Severely colorblind

C) Extremely Lazy

The correct answer is A, B and C. 


The entire interior of our house is all the same color, Cream.  The walls, molding, ceiling, everything the exact
same color so we decided to slowly (about 1 room a month or every other month) repaint the interior of the house.
First up is the Kitchen and Laundry Room.  Followed by the Downstairs bathroom, and then
the living room.  After that, were just going to dip ourselves in paint and throw each other against the wall and call it Art.
Here are some before and after pictures of the rooms as we are doing them.  Make your selection to the left.