Kitchen Repainting Details

Work Done: 02/13,14,20,21

New Color: Basil

The kitchen prior to our rework looked like this, not a good picture to see it, but its very creamy


We removed the border at the ceiling to find this ugly tulip stencil.  Took this picture after I had started
priming it, so that's why you see the white on the left side.


First step was to prime over this artistic masterpiece.  This is after the first primer coat, almost gone, but not totally.


After the second primer coat, its history, thankfully.


Sarah washing the walls and the molding.


First coat of white on the ceiling, it definitely needed two coats, although you can't tell it too much from this picture


That's all for day one, we had an evening engagement so we had to finish early.  Messy room, huh?


Here's a little preview of what the color of the kitchen is going to be.  They call it Basil, looks green to me.


The finished ceiling, looks purdy.


Here's our new rear entry door we had installed, we have to paint it still
but we are waiting for the enclosed blinds to come in first.


During the week I would do some of the more annoying spots while Sarah was studying so
that we wouldn't have so much too do on the weekend.


Here's some more trim work that I did during the week.


Daisy insisted we show you here contribution to the project.  Actually, this would have been nice, most of the time
she wanted to help paint with her built in paint brush.


Alright, so here's Friday night at around 1am, large parts are all done, annoying parts still to be done.


These small brushes are a life saver for the tiny touch of jobs.


And here's the finished project


And another shot, this one with the doors closed


Another shot of the finished room  Different lighting.


And yet another final shot


Our enclosed blinds finally came in on 3-11-04, so the kitchen is officially done.


Ok, the last shot, I promise


Sarah in the final cleanup stages


Frank in the final cleanup stages...hey, the inside of that can was really dirty.


Laundry Room Repainting

Color: Golden Marguerites

Sarah behind the washer taping the molding, we don't do a half-a$$ed job, even the unseen spots get a second coat.


Sarah un-taping and doing some touch-up work.


I'm not really sure what those spots on the walls are, since I didn't use a flash, must
be some reflections off the dryer, they don't exist on the wall.


Another Shot of the Finished Room


Ok, as of 2/26.04, the door is done, which makes this room officially done.


A job is never done until the cleanup is finished, right honey?  She looks pretty happy to be done....for now :)


Our reward for a job well done, a Gino's Pizza straight from Chicago.