Dyson "The Ball" DC15......"The Animal"

Work Done: 7-15-06

I'm officially tired of taking the Vacuum cleaner apart, and cleaning it all the junk out of the bristles.  The first couple
of times we did this, the results were great, increased suction which resulted in much cleaner carpets.  Our
current vacuum is 8 years old, hardly a dent in the expected age of a lot of vacuum cleaners.  To be honest though, I didn't buy
a top of the line vacuum 8 years ago, just some $150 Hoover.  So when it came time to replace our current vacuum cleaner
we started shopping around and noticed the price of them had gone up dramatically.  We looked around at a number
of different types and read some reviews online.  We finally settled on the Dyson DC15 "The Animal".   I thought
I'd give this Dyson stuff a try, and "The Animal" seemed to solve all of our problems, and it got great reviews.  Our cat Phoebe likes to shed...a lot. 
Plus we have 2 dogs, who have short hair and don't shed too much, but we do find hair on the carpet and furniture.

Getting ready for the cleaning.  DC15 canister is empty, furniture moved out (at least the furniture I wanted to move).  The DC15

adds the new "Ball" at the base.  I must admit it's pretty cool to vacuum with.  The maneuverability of it is amazing.


Just as I suspected.  You see, this floor was clean, at least according to me old vacuum it was clean.  It couldn't pick up anything

more.  What the dyson was able to get was all of the cat hair which was imbedded in the carpet, as well as the dirt and dust that

has been stuck near the pad for who know how's long.  This is exactly what I expected.


I actually had to vacuum the living room twice because the canister got full before I could finish.  Amazing.



Here's the room after the vacuum and steam cleaning.  Another way we were able to tell that the vacuum is much better

than our old one is in steam cleaning.  The steam cleaner would pick up all the cat's hair in the past and it would get stuck

in the steam cleaner and also there would be little balls of hair left on the ground.  This time we didn't get ANY pieces of

wet hair and the steam cleaner brushes are as clean as before we started.


Sarah had to get it out of the box as soon as we got it.


Conclusion:  We are both very happy with our purchase of the dyson.  True it's an upfront cost, which a lot of

people consider to be substantial.  But for people with pets, especially long haired animals, it's worth it.  Also,

since we both suffer from allergies we are hoping the dyson helps with that also.