Course Frank's Review Difficulty Rating* # Holes Amount Played**
Farmview-Newmarket Take 23 acres of land and 900 tons of earth and you have the foundation for the Farmview-Newmarket course.Itís a very different type of course to say the least, as almost every hole has mounds running along both sides.The mounds forcenarrow fairways and going over a mound causes an OB.There are a good number of Mando's on the course as well, which add a nice touch.Most holes are relatively short, and which allows for a number of ace opportunities.The course is privately owned and maintained by a really nice fella who took me through the first 7 holes personally.Downsides of this course in my opinion are: 1) The chains used are not standard regulation chains used on most courses, they are a bit heavier.The baskets were made by the owner2) The mounds are covered with tall weeds that can make it diffuclt to find your disc.Nonetheless, it's great to have a well maintained course just outside the Northern GTA.Cost to play is $5/round, sure beats paying gas to get downtown.Check out the pictures on the link under Amount Played to see this unique course. 2 Stars 18 Two Times
* My difficulty rating is just my way of rating the course, others may not agree.Basically, if I can score close to par on it, then it must be easy.
** I've included an amount played tab.This will give you a feel on how much to trust my difficulty ratings.The more I've played the better I believe the rating is justified.