Course Frank's Review Difficulty Rating* # Holes Amount Played**
Ellison Park Ellison is a LONG time favorite in Rochester.  It's earliest incarnations date back to the mid to late 1970's.  The course sits inside Ellison Park and is well maintained.  The tee pads could use some improvement.  A fairly forgiving course, most holes accommodate a lot of different shot types and trees are fairly spread out.  There are some really unique and fun holes including #16 which is a completely blind tee shot, #7 which is a wide open downhill hole.   Overall though, I feel it's a fairly forgiving hole which allows for a fairly easy near par experience. 3 Stars 18 Four Times
Baker Farm Very pretty course.  Not overly challenging, most holes are straight and forgiving.  Some interesting basket placements require you to use a variety of shots.  Beautiful scenary is all around. 3 Stars 18 One Time
* My difficulty rating is just my way of rating the course, others may not agree.  Basically, if I can score close to par on it, then it must be easy.
** I've included an amount played tab.  This will give you a feel on how much to trust my difficulty ratings.  The more I've played the better I believe the rating is justified.