Course Frank's Review Difficulty Rating* # Holes Amount Played**
Circle C Metropolitan Park The toughest course in Austin!  Just about every hole requires finesse shots.  Hammer throwers would be SOL on this course, as it doesn't allow for overhand shots that often.  Many holes leave you no choice but to drive down the center of the fairway, which is often tree-lined and narrow.  Circle C will leave you cursing at the trees, but with great memories.  My favorite thing about Circle C is that it's never busy, usually only a few groups on the entire course at any one time, it's also fairly secluded so you get a nice walk through nature. 5 Stars 21 Many Times
SteepleChase Disc Golf Challenging, with lots of water and trees.  A creek  snakes through a majority of the couse and it's just deep enough to convince you to leave your disc there (or pay someone to fish it out like I did).  Be careful of the abundant Poison Ivy & Poison Oak near the creek.  Bring a course map with you, the tee-boxes can be hard to find. 4.5 Stars 18 Two Times
Old Settlers Park LONG!  Almost 8,000 feet.  A great course if you want driving practice and wind practice.  Some really neat holes that you can just let it rip on, hole #16 has you shooting over a the corner of a pond.  You can always recover from a bad shot here as the trees are few and far between.  There are two 1,000 foot holes on the course.   Also the home of, Bogey the snake, at hole #4. 4 Stars 20 Six Times
Twin Parks Country Club Twin Parks is disc golf in primetime.  They feature two 18 hole championship courses, which are well manicured and routinely kept up  by the fulltime staff.  None of the holes I played really stood out as unique, but they were each fun and challenging.  I have only played the Parkshire course, the Park Hill course is much woodier and hilly from what I understand.   The $10 fee for an entire day is a bit steep in my opinion, especially given the plethera of free courses available in the area, but a now and again visit to Twin Parks is well worth it.  They also have a mountain biking trails and paintball courses and a bed&breakfast. 3.5 Stars 18 x 2 One Time
Pease Park Fun, challenging and not overly busy.  What more could you want in a disc golf course.  Plus there is a vendor (Moody) usually selling discs at hole one which makes it tempting not to walk away with something new whenever you play.  It's always fun to play Pease.  A couple of holes require shooting over or near the creek, so bring a old disc to throw. 3.5 Stars 18 Many Times
Williamson County Park Beautifully layed out and maintained.  $1 pay to play charge that runs on the honor system.  The course has a lot of unique holes that I haven't seen at any other course.  The course could use some improvement on it's directions, we got lost a few times trying to figure out which is the correct way to the next teebox.  Overall, it was alot of fun about I would recommend it. 3.5 Stars 18 One Time
Mary Moore Searight A fun course, with some fairly challenging holes.  There is always a way down the fairyway on every hole, be it in the air, on the ground or straight down the pipe.  Maintained by SADA who have done a great job over the years at upgrading the course and keeping it clean, lots of benches to sit on at most holes. 3 Stars 18 Many Times
Zilker Park Fun, but not overly-challenging.  Usually pretty busy, so going at off-peak times will mean you get to play a lot more.  Zilker and Mary Moore are probably the two busiest courses in Austin.  There are two 9-hole courses that they rotate the pins through every 6 months.  The convenience of this course (right in downtown Austin) makes it a great choice to play at any time of the day. 2 Stars 9 Many Times
Wells Branch Park An easy course.  Not many trees, most holes are not far away.  It's a bit difficult to get to if you live down south since it's right off I-35.  A great course to try for a hole-in-one. 1 Star 9 Two Times
Bartholomew Park Haven't played this in years.  I hear it's in pretty bad shape, maybe even closed.  It was a lot of fun though, except for the toxic chemicals. 2 Stars 19 One Time
* My difficulty rating is just my way of rating the course, others may not agree.  Basically, if I can score close to par on it, then it must be easy.
** I've included an amount played tab.  This will give you a rough feel on how much to believe in my difficulty ratings.  The more I've played the better I believe the rating is justified.