February 1st, 2007.  The most important day in our lifes.  The brith of a child is such and amazing event, and we were thankful we were able to participate in it.  Here is Sarah shortly after getting hooked up around 7:40am.  It's with great pleasure that I get to introduce our beautiful baby boy, Francesco Leonello Casilio.
Sarah between contractions.  The way you can tell it's between contractions is because she is smiling. :)
We told the nurse she won't need the Olive Oil because he is Italian. :)
Sarah during a contraction.  Notice the lack of a smile lets you know she's not feeling well.  But she was a trooper and held out for a long time.
And we she is after getting the epidural.  She was 3cm at 7:40am, and 10cm at 10am.  She pushed for about 40 minutes and that was it.  We then had to wait for the doctor to arrive.  The doctor was with another patient at the time.  His head was literally popping out (sorry for the visual), they told Sarah not to move, laugh or basically breathe for fear he would come out before the doctor was there.  Dr. Kish got there shortly after and with one more push....
....he was born.  Here he is very shortly after being born.  This was the first time Sarah got to hold her child.  What a sight!!
Here's Frank cutting the umbilical chord.
7lbs 10.4oz, 20 and 3/4 inches long.
His first bath.
During his bath.  He didn't like that very much.
The philosopher contemplating his new life.
Here's Sarah back in the recovery room.  She was happy the hard part was done and now it was time to rest and be with the baby.
El Trio Terrifico.
All bundled up nice and sleeping.
What an Angel!!! I probably don't need to say this but stay tuned for more pictures.